Coldstream Community Centre

Our Community Centre provides an important focus for community activities – leisure, recreation, arts and entertainment. Local voluntary clubs and groups organise regular activities in the Centre, with visiting bands, theatre and other groups providing entertainment. The After School Club and Youth Club provide care and activities for young people.

The Centre itself is a listed building, with bell tower, open beams and stained glass windows. A former Church of Scotland place of worship, St Cuthbert, gave his name to the building and sometimes it’s referred to as the St. Cuthbert’s Centre.

The Coldstream Community Trust, established in 1999, is a registered charity and now owns the centre. As a charity it relies fully on the support of the local community, as well as accessing grants to keep the building maintained and to employ the part time staff, as well as all the regular overheads like insurance, heating and lighting. Our Trust not only deals with ‘internal’ community centre matters but also assists in Energy Savings for Coldstream residents and running the Hudson Hirsel Grant.

At the Community Centre you will meet Sam Lines, Financial  Administrator, and Adrian Price, Community Centre Co-Ordinator, who are there to ensure the smooth operation of the Centre. Sam is there two mornings a week, Adrian is there Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm. They can be contacted on 01890 883332 or by email Adrian