The May auction was very successful with SO Energy, E-ON and Economic Energy in terms of Dual Fuel Online, Dual Fuel Offline and Pre-Payments respectively.
All the offers of savings for Coldstream households were accepted by 5th July and therefore these houses are enjoying new suppliers along with savings. These contracts with energy suppliers now last a year and households need to be aware of the closing dates.
The next auction for other Coldstream households to enjoy savings commences in August. Offers are accepted from August, through to October and contracts agreed in November.
Thanks to Coldstream households etc in helping our Community Trust enjoy small fees.


Gerald Tait

All of us at the Community Trust and Centre are deeply saddened by the loss of our fellow Trustee Gerald Tait.

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Hudson Hirsel Fund

Local organisations are invited to submit grant applications to the Hudson Hirsel Fund.

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Community Energy Switch

The community trust is in a crucial phase up to 8th October for Coldstream houses to register for quotes.

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