Alasdair Day will host an evening telling the story of the Tweeddale Whisky, how it originated in Duke Street in Coldstream and how he recreated the Tweeddale in 2009 / 2010 using the original recipes. Alasdair is the great grandson of Richard Day. This event will be of great interest to both Coldstream history fans and whisky enthusiasts. Alasdair will bring the J&A Davidson sales ledger for 1881 & 1882 this also contains the recipes for all the blends produced from 1899 to 1916. He will talk about his Great Grandfather who joined the business as an office boy in 1895 and then took over the business in 1923 and the name changed to Richard Day. He ran the business until he retired after WW2.

There will be tastings of both the Tweeddale and two other whiskies.

Tickets are on sale at both the Community Centre and the Newsagents at £10 each.

Gerald Tait

All of us at the Community Trust and Centre are deeply saddened by the loss of our fellow Trustee Gerald Tait.

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Hudson Hirsel Fund

Local organisations are invited to submit grant applications to the Hudson Hirsel Fund.

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Community Energy Switch

The community trust is in a crucial phase up to 8th October for Coldstream houses to register for quotes.

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